Dissolving Ciprofloxacin

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>        1) How is Ciprofloxacin dissolved for use in tissue culture and 
>        2) What is the concentration generally used in tissue culture
>I have Ciprox. powder (as oral capsules, 250 mg) but it dosen't dissolve
>in PBS, Water, 0.85% NaCl, RPMI 1640 (at 1 mg/ml). Injectible solution
>(i/v) is available as 2 mg/ml solution in 0.9% NaCl. Does oral capsule in
>powder form contain any additives (not mentioned on the packet)? 

You can find all you want to know at RxList <http://www.rxlist.com/>,
including the consituents of the oral form (which is Ciprofloxacin HCl).
Table 5 will give you data about MICs in vitro. Hope this helps!

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