David O'Neill doneill2 at
Wed Apr 15 10:28:40 EST 1998

Please forgive me if this question is a repeat, I haven't been checking
the news group recently.

I'm interested in doing some slot blots and hybridizing with a 20 mer or
30 mer (HSP 72 and MyHC1) oligos probes.  The RNA(from rodent hearts)
appears to have underwent SOME degradation, however, it doesn't appear
to be due to my isolation.  On my agarose gels, I have an 18s, and on
many, something like a 24S light coloured band.  Although I get faint
EtBr staining which starts at the 28S position-there's not much of a
distinguishable band.  The transcripts are about 2.4 kb (for HSP 72) and
the myosin heavy chain is much larger.

Is there such a thing as acceptable mild degradation?  If so, do probe
and transcript length matter?

Dave O'Neill
University of Western Ontario,CA.
doneill2 at

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