Very sensitive sulfhydryl assay?

Roger Murphy murphy_r at
Sun Apr 19 22:32:15 EST 1998

Do you have access to a mass spec, or to a friendly mass spectroscopist?  You 
could derviatize with iodoacetamide or vinylpyridine and measure the mass 
after derivatization - gives you an exact measure of free sulphydryls, and it 
should be sensitive in the fmol-pmol range.  Of course, you'll need to ensure 
you can get a molecular ion for your protein before you derivatize.....



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cbystrom at (cory) wrote:
>I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a very
>sensitive assay for the quantitation of free sulfhydryls.  Reaction with
>DTNB is just too protein intensive for the samples that I have available.
>A capillary electrophoresis assay would be especially nice but anthing will do!
>Thanks much,
>cbystrom at

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