Costs of making it from Scratch?

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> I also need to make media, plates, antibiotics (easy), and top agar.  We
> do buy competent cells so that helps.
> Any refs. on saving money vs time?  I need real facts.

This is probably not what you want to hear, but I would suggest that you
or someone else in the lab made your own competent cells.

 Follow the protocol of Inoue, H. et al. Gene 96 (1990) 23-28, and grow 1
L or so of your favourite strains.  A couple of years ago I spent half a
week together with a fellow from a neighboring institute making
ultracompetent stocks of the most used strains in the two labs.  Two years
later we still have enough cells in stock.  Buying the cells from a
company would have cost some 50.000 SFr  (30.000 $).  Not bad for a few
days work (material cost is negligible) and with this kind of savings I am
sure that your lab can afford a P2 pipette for you, and even one more

Just an Idea!


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