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Heinz J. Schaefers schaefers at sun.XuchcX.edu
Tue Apr 21 10:07:46 EST 1998


Stephen Billington wrote:

> Does anyone know of a company that still sells TA cloning vector (with
> an A overhang) without the kit (cells, ligase, dNTPS, kitchen sink,
> etc.)?  All the companies that used to sell them (Clontech, Invitrogen,
> etc.) have gone to the kit format and at >$250/20 rxns, the cost is
> prohibitive.

yes, there is one company... PROMEGA

They sell the pGEM- T and pGEM-T easy TA cloning kit, and you dont have to
buy the competent cells like with Invitrogen.
and the Promega vector contains both SP6/T7 promoters and M13
forward/reverse binding sites (whereas Invitrogen eliminates in all vectors
the SP6 promoter)

even if you subtract the price for the competent cells from Invitrogen's
kit, you pay less with Promega.

pGem-T : Cat# A3600
pGem-T easy : Cat# A1360

(usual disclaimer: NO affiliation with Promega, just a satisfied customer)
(and NO Invitrogen customer anymore)

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