Q: How to label the N-terminus of a protein selectively?

Roger Murphy murphy_r at licre.ludwig.edu.au
Wed Apr 22 00:59:31 EST 1998

You can derivatize the N-terminus of free lysine (i.e. the amino acid itself) 
by complexing the e-amino group as a copper salt (check the amino acid 
chemistry literature for this), but I don't know if this would work when the 
lysine is in a protein....

I don't see any reason, other than accessibility of the e-amino groups, why it 
shouldn't work, but maybe someone else has tried this already.

Good luck, I think it's going to be difficult no matter what you try.

In article <353BE08A.69C4AA6B at kali.com.cn>, wenfeng.chen at kali.com.cn (Wen-Feng 
Chen) wrote:
>Hi, netters,
>I want to selectively label the N-terminus of a protein with FITC.
>Namely, the e-amino group of Lys should not be labeled during this
>procedure. Up to now, I can not get an appropriate protocol of it. Any
>help from you is extremely appreciated!
>Wen-feng Chen
>wenfeng.chen at kali.com.cn

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