transformation of meningococci

Alexey Merz alexey at
Wed Apr 22 15:48:20 EST 1998

Dr. Kris Partridge wrote:
> I'm about to try to produce meningococci that express a foreign
> protein.  Does anyone know if meningococci will accept a plasmid?  To
> the best of my knowledge, I've seen nothing in the liturature.
> Thanks for your help,
> Kris Partridge

Contact Dr.Xavier Nassif at: nassif at

He's built a series of shuttle vectors (the pMGC series) with a variety
of features. They can be mated into gonococci or meningococci. These
are derived from pLES2 (Stein & al., 1983, Gene 25:241). The most
useful pMGC vectors for your purposes are probably MGC10 (ErmR, with
blue/white selection in E. coli) and 18.1 (KmR, smaller size, no 

For mating proceedures try:Seifert & So, _Methods in Enzymology_, 204:342.

We have these vectors too, but Xavier actually made them. 

I'll warn you in advance: they are finicky, and it can be hard to 
work with them even in E. coli.

Alternatively, it's really easy to drop things into the Neisserial 
chromosome - ideas on how to do this are suggested in the Seifert/So
article. Best of luck...
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