Warning: ATCC in a total mess

Ed Frank operon at wt.net
Thu Apr 23 21:15:31 EST 1998

I understand the frustration.  And for what its worth, if you'll take my advice
you won't buy any Radio Shack answering machines either - overpriced electronic

The Voice of Experience

Nospam at noway.com wrote:

> Yes, I'm angry.  Since their move to another location they've been totally
> unable to complete and send a simple IMAGE clone order.  They've been
> stringing me along for over a month on one order.  They keep telling me the
> order will be ready the next week.  That week comes and another problem is
> apparently discovered, never explained, but the order won't be ready for
> another week, again.  I've finally had enough today.  Not only am I
> cancelling all my orders with them, but I'm never ordering anything from them
> again.  They have a very elaborate web page, but no address for complaints,
> so I'm ranting here.  I heartly recommend everyone give them a wide bearth
> till they can explain themselves.
> Mike Holloway
> holloway at nospam.concentric.net

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