Removal of Ethidium Bromide from Skin

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>As long as we're on the subject, I would like to add that in a
preliminary edition >of their laboratory text DNA SCIENCE, CSHL and
Carolina Biological Supply, 1988, >Micklos and Freyer state on page 75
that "Chlorine in water will inactivate traces >of ethidium bromide."
I'm not suggesting that 10mgs/ml constitutes a "trace." >I'm only
wondering whether others would agree with this proposition.  Since
>leaving school (which is where I was when I first read this
statement), I have >tried to sell this idea to my fellow lab rat
colleagues in the field only to have >them all look at me as if I'd
lost my mind. Anyone care to comment? - about the >EtBr; not my mental
state -

"Treatment of dilute solutions of ethidium bromide with hypochlorite
(bleach) is not recommended as a method of decontamination.  Such
treatment reduces the mutagenic activity of ethidium bromide in the
Salmonella/microsome assay by about 1000-fold, but it converts the 
dye into a compound which is mutagenic in the absence of microsomes
(Quillardet and Hofnung 1988)"  Sambrook, Fritsch and Maniatis,
Molecular Cloning, 2nd Edition, 1989

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