Avoid some cheap oligos

Genemed Synthesis info at genemedsyn.com
Thu Apr 23 17:41:12 EST 1998

In an effort to encourage researchers do more ressearch, several oligo
companies like ours (Genemed) have lowered prices  but not the quality of
the oligos.  Scientists all over the world face difficulties when perform
various Molecular Biology experiments due to a multitude of factors, one of
which is Oligo.  As mentioned earlier by few colleagues who are in similar
businesses like ours, the quality of oligo does not vary too much among
different suppliers.  The failure of certain experiments can be attributed
to the limitations of the synthetic chemistry involved in the oligo

We would like to reiterate our policy of providing the customers with
products of highest quality at a lower price and thus participate in the
progress of science.  

We would also like to thank all those who have responded to this issue,
especially to those who understand the limitations of the synthetic


Shyh-Chen Ju, Ph.D.
Vice President
Geneemd Synthesis, Inc.

Zheng-yu Peng <peng at uchc.edu> wrote in article
<353E0E1B.865722D4 at uchc.edu>...
> Everyone knows that cheap is not always the best.  But when comes to
> oreder large number of oligonucleotides for our alanine scanning
> project, we found "Genemed Synthesis" in California who had an Ad. in
> the back of "Science" claiming charging only 70 cents per base. What a
> good deal, plus, they gave us  a further discount  since we were
> ordering large volume of oligos at the same time.  We have ordered, over
> the past half year or so, over 60 oligos for site-directed mutagenesis,
> for linkers, or for using as sequencing primers.  The result:  many
> double mutations (some triple mutations) were found in our genes
> although the oligo were designed for getting single mutations.   For
> those which were used as linkers,  missing bases were found at the
> linker region whcih caused frame shift.  However, we think the oligos
> used as sequencing primers are fine.  So our experience is:  for
> sequencing primer, it is OK to order from them but  we won't trust their
> oligos to be used for any other purpose.
> Some of the same oligo designs were then ordered from other companies
> and the results were all fine.

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