Warning: ATCC in a total mess

Vladimir Svetlov svetlov at oncology.wisc.edu
Fri Apr 24 13:14:59 EST 1998

In article <353fabe7.196140556 at news.cris.com>, Nospam at noway.com wrote:

> Yes, I'm angry.  Since their move to another location they've been totally
> unable to complete and send a simple IMAGE clone order.  They've been
> stringing me along for over a month on one order.  

Well, you must have done something to offend them. Those ATCC people are
very sensitive and scare easy but if you know how to work with them they
are as sweet as the Scottish mountain springs. In the last couple of months
I got a couple of plasmids and a weird yeast strain from them with a
turn-around of about a week in each case. My word of advice would be to
call them up and check the availability - one strain I was looking for was
not going to be available till mid-summer, and I had to replace it on the
spot, but this definitely saved me frustration of calling and emailing
about it afterwards. 

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