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 > I am presently attempting ATP/PPi exchange assays, a crucial step of which
 > is the collection of ATP by binding to activated charcoal. Unfortunately,
 > the degree of binding appears to vary anywhere from 5-25%, not greatly
 > aiding the sensitivity of the assay... Does anyone out there know of a
 > better means for collection of ATP, that would still allow unincorporated
 > PPi to be washed off? It is pretty crucial that either a consistent or
 > else a very high percentage of the Atp present be retained.

ATP can be qualitatively precipitated by ethanol in presence of Ca++. It's
been a while since I've done it (about 7 years) but such protocol does
exist. Let me see if I can figure out where in hell I got it in the first
place. Not much help, heh?


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