Boiling ethidium bromide gel

Stephan REPLACE at
Sat Apr 25 10:32:56 EST 1998

In article <svetlov-ya02408000R2404981218530001 at>,
svetlov at (Vladimir Svetlov) wrote:

> Recently I've taken up
> adding EtBr to the loading buffer instead of the gel - far less EtBr to
> worry about (in the running buffer etc.), lower background and you can boil
> the agarose as much as you want.

Mmmm... I'm a little bit sceptical about that method. Can you really see
small fragments? (let's say, smaller than 1 kb?). What is the minimal
amount of DNA that you can detect? (let's say, can you see well all the
bands when you load a 0.1 ug sample of lambda/HindIII?).

If this method really works, I would be very interested to know more about
it (how much EtBr to your sample?).

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