Warning: ATCC in a total mess

Vladimir Svetlov svetlov at oncology.wisc.edu
Sat Apr 25 14:43:18 EST 1998

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 > > In the last couple of months
 > >I got a couple of plasmids and a weird yeast strain from them with a
 > >turn-around of about a week in each case. My word of advice would be to
 > >call them up and check the availability
> There seems to be some confusion here.  They moved just recently.
> Perhaps your orders were previous to the move. 

Plasmids I've ordered sometime in winter and I was amazed how quickly they
came - within a week. Since the people who constructed the plasmids are no
longer distributing them themselves it was a pretty good deal and fast, as
far as the begging for vectors goes. The yeast strain was ordered on 4/6
and I got it on 4/14, quite a reasonable time.

> They weren't
> processing orders till the middle of March, I think, but after that
> claimed that they were back up and running.  Ain't so.  And I've been on
> the phone with them at least once every three days, which is no easy task
> since you're always put in muzac purgatory for a half hour, then get
> someone who admits to being new and unfamiliar with what's being asked
> for.

Don't have this experience. At least they are not in TN, where they make
you listen to the country music. I noticed that the number of people that
don't know what the hell they are talking about in the companies increases
every year. So ATCC is nothing special, if they had somebody like that. My
last call to Pierce to complain about a bottle missing from their Gelcode
silver staining kit culminated in conversation to a scholar of Ebonix who
would not do anything untill I supply him with a lot number of the MISSING
(!) bottle... And you say "unfamiliar"...

Cheer up!


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