anti-His antibody

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Sun Apr 26 14:09:32 EST 1998

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>Flore Bellefontaine schrieb in Nachricht ...
>>Did someone ever detect with an anti-his antibody a recombinant protein
>>purified from pet15B (Novagen)?  The recombinant prot presents a six
>>histidines tag at the NH3-term.
>>I have been using unsuccesfully the penta-His antibody from Qiagen in
>>ELISA, Dot Blot under native and denaturing conditions and in Western Blot
>>aswell. Do you have any experience using that antibody?
>>Any kind of help is wellcome, thank you in advance,
>>Flore Bellefontaine
>I have used the Tetra-His-Ab from Qiagen. It works but is a little bit too

There is no such thing as "too sensitive' with whatever antibody. Dilution
sets a dynamic range of detection. 


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