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Mon Apr 27 05:13:25 EST 1998

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: Dear netters,
: I am trying to find homologues for a protein with coiled-coil structure. 
: The problem is that because of common elements in such structures the
: BLAST search brings a lot of unrelated proteins, like collagen. So it is
: difficult to determine what homology is real and what not. There was a
: paper on "decoiling" where 30% of all leucines where removed and that
: allowed identification of related proteins. The authors do not mention how
: to do it actually and I think it was done kind of manually. Does anybody
: know of a WWW program that will do it or at least will find a way around?
: If anybody is dealing with similar problems and would like to share there
: experience I will be very grateful. 
: Simon Hoffenberg
: Baylor College of Medicine
: Houston, TX
: simonh at

»òSean Eddy µÈµÄHMMER£¬ÓÃblastÊDz»ÄܽøÐÐÕâÖÖËÑË÷µÄ¡£
Use SCOP instead of Blast.

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