Sucrose density gradients.. HELP!!

A. Hatton MICAH at
Mon Apr 27 07:30:26 EST 1998

I am trying to seprate alumina wear debris generated at the articulating 
surfaces of a ceramic on ceramic hip. Tissue digestion methods and solvent 
washes have almost successfully removed clean particles from the tissue. 
However, contamination still remains and I tried sucrose density gradients to 
isolate the alumina (density 3.79mg/l). Solutions upto 150% have proven 
unsucessful, with the debris sinking straight to the bottom of the test tube.
Can anybody reccommend a method to isolate this debris using centrifugation? 
It is starting to frustrate me immensely. 

Thanks for any help.

Anthony Hatton
Department of Microbiology
University of Leeds

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