northern and Biomax MS

Tue Apr 28 10:59:11 EST 1998

To detect low abundant messages from total RNA we are using 
Schleicher and Schuell 0.45 Nytran membranes and the Kodax Biomax MS
screen/film system. But we get very high background signals with this
Our hybridization solution is 50% Formamide; 5x SSPE; 1x Denhards, 10% 
Dextransulfate; 0.7% SDS; 200ug/ml Blocking Nuc. Acids. 
Does someone have experience with the Kodak Biomax MS which may help to 
solve our problem. 

Also does someone know the composition of the hybridization buffer tablets
and/or the rapid hybridization solution both from Amersham.

Michael Kroiher 

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