Reusing agarose gels

Douglas Prasher dprasher at
Tue Apr 28 10:25:45 EST 1998

We have been reusing gels (1X TBE) composed of agarose and NuSeive for
years with no ill affects.  This is in contrast to other postings to
this newsgroup. We estimate that the gel material is reused 50-100
times.  When remelting the gels, we always record the initial weight and
then once melted, bring the weight back to its original by adding
water.  The melted material is then filtered through Miracloth because
there is frequently some gel material which fails to remelt.  We only
make up 'fresh' gel material when our volume is not sufficient for our
work on any single day.

Of course, this type of gel material is never used for blotting or DNA

There are also some safety concerns due to the presence of EtBr. .  The
gel material is ALWAYS remelted using a microwave which is physically
placed in a hood.  The material is also weighed inside a hood to catch
the vapors.

D Prasher
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