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Tue Apr 28 05:29:24 EST 1998

On 28 Apr 1998 01:21:53 -0700, methods at 163.NET said:

>Hi, Netter:

>I read on MOLECULAR CLONING that ethanol can't be  use to precipated large 
>MW plasmid  when try to eliminate the minimum amount of chloroform after ph
>enol extraction. So could anybody kindly tell me why? I think it is to avoi
>d the damage of the nucleic acid  molecule, but is there the absolute inhib
>ition on its use?

it is generally not so good to precipitate large DNAs (>10kb), as the DNA may get
nicks AND is difficult to dissolve afterwards.
However, I have precipiated plasmids of 25kb and lambda phage DNA of >50kb,
and it does seem to work. 
some hints to protect your DNA:
- do not vortex, but treat gently
- do not pipet the DNA to get it into solution, instead leave it at
	4C overnight.
- do not freeze the DNA, store it at 4C
- do not use a speedvac: dry the pellet to air for as short a time 
         as possible.


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