single copy plant gene

soren k rasmussen soren.rasmussen at
Wed Apr 29 12:24:24 EST 1998

you will be surprise to know the amount of data there is available on
chromosome numbers etc, so which plant are you working with?
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Cayetana Schluter <cschlute at> wrote in article
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> Hello everyone,
> I'd like to find out if a plant I'm working on is diploid or
> tetraploid. Not much work has been done on this plant, so I can't just
> look up this information (one source says that it's tetraploid, but
> dosen't mentione how it came to this conclusion). I would like to do a
> southern blot, but for this I need a single copy gene. Does anybody know
> off hand of any single copy plant genes? If I'm lucky one might hybridize
> to my plant. I'd also appreciate any hints as to any other methodes for
> determining ploidy.
> Thanks
> Cayetana

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