Assay Idea-yes. it's called immuno-PCR

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Thu Apr 30 18:10:28 EST 1998

>I was learning about ELISA and I wondered if anybody has ever thought to
>link a short sequence of DNA to monoclonal antibodies. Would this work?
>If so, would it not provide an extremely accurate method of detecting
>the presence or absence of specific molecules via PCR? Obviously
>quantifying such molecules would be impossible using this method.
>Magnus Lynch

Note the following article. We haven't used it but were thinking of the
name immuno-PCR for our rather different immunobead PCR technique.

Sano T, Smith CL, Cantor CR  Science 1992 258 :120-122
Immuno-PCR: very sensitive antigen detection by means of specific
antibody-DNA conjugates.

This uses a streptavidin-protein A chimera with  specific binding affinity
both for biotin and IgG to attach a biotinylated DNA  to antigen-monoclonal
antibody complexes that are immobilized on microtiter plate wells. Then,
part of the attached DNA is amplified by PCR. PCR  allowed as few as 580
antigen molecules to be reproducibly detected, an  enhancement of
approximately 10,000x over ELISA.

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