Boiling ethidium bromide gel

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> Well, if you would be so kind as to provide the dissociation constant and
> the hal-life for EtBr-DNA complex in TBE, we could actually leave the
> metaphysical ground. Oh, shit, I forgot "Mmmm". 

Why are you beeing so aggressive?

You can find the physico-chemical characterization of the NA-EtBr
interactions in:

   LePecq JB.  Paoletti C.
   J. Mol. Biol.  27(1):87-106, 1967.  

For a review, see:

   LePecq et al.
   Meth. Bioch. Anal., 20:41-86, 1971. 

For the rest, I won't answer your provocative and nearly insulting posting.
You seem to have completely missed the point. I was interested to know a
little more about a method that I had never used before and I said that I
was skeptical about a general application of the method. I have more years
of experience running agarose gels than you are probably assuming. Don't
assume on me, you don't know me.

Have a nice day, and please don't dump your aggressivity so easely.


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