Wanted: 2nd hand inverted microscope

Samuel Gray samuel.gray at nottingham.ac.uk.nospam
Thu Apr 30 02:59:09 EST 1998

Apologies if this is the wrong newsgroup to post this to - please let me
know if it is.

We are a new department in the UK and are in need of setting up facilities
for mammalian cell culture, however, we are running out of money for
equipment and cannot afford to buy both a CO2 incubator and an inverted
microscope. If anyone in the UK reading this has an old inverted microscope
they'd be willing to sell to us we would greatly appreciate it.

You can contact me at samuel.gray at nottingham.ac.uk

Thanks for you time.

Samuel Gray,
Research Scientist,
Division of Vascular Medicine,
Derby Royal Infirmary,

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