Costs of making it from Scratch? (Kit inflation)

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Thu Apr 30 16:13:32 EST 1998

>> Jim Graham writes:
>> > I may have been spoiled but I have not made these solutions in 10 years.

It has nothing to do with spoiled. It has to do with what your time is worth. I.e., is it better
spent preparing things you could obtain commercially, or doing actual research with the things
you obtained. Each of us has to answer that question for ourselves. 
>> How much more will it cost to do research when the tools of the trade
>> are turned over to profit-motivated firms who figure that an ice bucket
>> should cost $50 if the US government is buying? 

This statement is naive and borders on the simple-minded. "Firms" are certainly profit-motivated
the same way you are. Do you work for free? Do you work to just break even? I assume you wish to
be rewarded for the work you do. There is actually little difference. I doubt that anyone has
ever come into your lab and, at gun-point, required you to buy anything at all. Those products
you hold in so little regard are MARKET-DRIVEN. No company would make them if there weren't a
market. As for the outrageous and bordering-on-criminal practices of the government, VOTE. Get
rid of the vermin that have caused the outrages. Don't blame it on business.

If you don't like a product, don't buy it. To blame the hard-working individuals who developed
the product so that you have the OPTION to either acquire it or not, is lamentable.

Last comment, and I will stop fuming at you. It is this: I have worked seven days a week on an
average of 11.5 hours a day, for the past 5.5 years. I am not alone. I personally know quite a
few others like me. Dr. Christine Pasko, Dr. Tom Gilroy, Dr. Darlene Roszak, are three names
that come to mind. Like them, I am integrally involved with a private business that serves the
scientific research community. I am the Chief Scientific Officer, and co-owner of a small
biotechnology company. You should look around you. MOST people in this country work very hard
and put in long hours just so guys like you have the OPTION to either purchase or reject our
work. The key is that most folks in this world are good. They are not anything near as money
grubbing and selfish as a very small minority of university-based researchers think they are.
Read Brave New World by Ayn Rand. You can probably still find it in a bookstore. It is a story
about what happens in an increasingly socialist country when all the jerks like me - the ones
willing to work seven days a week and long hours - just quit. It is interesting reading, even if
it is "out of vogue" in our modern polically-correct society.

Okay, I feel better now.
Mike MacDonell, Ph.D.
Ransom Hill Bioscience, Inc.
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