how to kill BamH1

Mark Silby mws33 at
Thu Apr 30 15:38:18 EST 1998

Hi there

What temperature are you using to "kill" the enzyme?  With the heat stable
enzymes, I have used 85 degrees celcius (10 minutes) with some success.  But
the downside is I am always a little concerned for my precious DNA in these
situations!  I prefer to use a gel extraction kit these days, as they are
quite quick and very reliable.


AKi Hoji wrote in message ...
>Are there any easy ways to eliminate BamH1 in a digestion soup ?  This
>tough buy appears to be heat-stable, and one has to perfrom gel
>purification or phenol-chroloform extraction of the digest. Any
>interesting methods will be appreciated !!
>Aki Hoji (akhst7+ at
>University of Pittsburgh

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