Re. XR Film Fixer

Wolfgang Schechinger wgschech at
Mon Aug 3 04:38:39 EST 1998

Hi Hanson, 

as long the film emulsion is based on silver halogenides, probably an
B&W film fixer (from the foto store next door) will do. Fix double
clearing time as rule of thumb. Maybe just a  - say 5% - solution of
thiosulfate will do. wolfgang

> Hi there,
> Please tell me where to buy x-film fixer? I know perhaps Kodak
> company is a good source but I can't find their product catalog. I
> would be very appreciate any suggestions. Especially from one who
> has trustable fixer supply. I need it immergently to develop our
> Northern blot. (We have ordered Kodak D-19 as developer).
> Thanks a lot!
> Hanson
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