Heat Shock DH5a

Keith Rand Keith.Rand at molsci.csiro.au
Mon Aug 3 22:10:49 EST 1998

In article <19980803113120.468f1e43.in at genvec.com>, "Lou Cantolupo"
<lou_cantolupo at genvec.com> wrote:

> Settle an argument for me.  Does the heat shock step in a CaCl2
> transformation of DH5a (or whatever bug of choice) activate heat shock
proteins for
> recovery or make the cells more porous?

Well, it seems to be generally believed that the heat shock is involved in
some way with the entry of the DNA into the cells. So 'making the cells
more porous' would be the correct answer. It would be interesting to hear
the case for the induction of heat shock proteins, but I don't think
anyone has reported an  increase in viability due to the heat shock.

Keith Rand,  Sydney Australia

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