Recipe for Phenol:guanidinium mix?

Cornelius Krasel krasel at
Mon Aug 3 16:23:16 EST 1998

> Bernard Murray wrote: 
>> No, I don't think so ... or not unless the poster wants to *sell*
>> the resulting solution.  Simply preparing it for your own use is
>> just fine and doesn't break the patent.  Sorry Ambion.
> NOPE! Unfortunately, that is simply not true. A patent covers *all* rights to
> a technique and formulation. Do you think that it would be legal for you to
> grow Taq in your lab for your own use?

I know several people who do this. You can get the clones from ATCC.

That said, it appears that the original preparation by Chomczynski is
*not* patented, despite your claims. As far as I can see, the IBM patent
server turns up no patent on the Guanidinium-phenol mixture hold by
Ambion. I found several recent patents by HRI Research and one patent
by Chomczynski himself.

What surprises me a little is the date on these patents. As far as I
know, at least in Germany you cannot patent something that has already
been published (i.e. you must patent it first and publish it afterwards).
The patent by Chomczynski was filed 1992, whereas his publication appeared
in Anal. Biochem. in 1987.

Disclaimer: IANAL.


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