While we're on Acrylamide....

Beth Wapelhorst weazel at animal.blarg.net
Tue Aug 4 16:35:20 EST 1998

you boys are so silly! 
I'll make it simple for ya:
polyacrylamide + urea + H2O + O2 turns into what when an arc of
electricity is put into the equation?
Please answer in 1 or 2 sentences :)

And yes, acrylamide does burn in this circumstance and it smells really
gnarly - hence my question. And no, it's not just the plastic from the
apparatus that I am smelling :) Heh, I lied before about it never
happening to me - I've set about 10 gels on fire due to a finicky
apparatus (I've got a new one now!) 

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