plamid prep

Dom Spinella dspinella at
Tue Aug 4 15:26:28 EST 1998

> I need to prepare 50mg plasmid DNA. Last year, I prepared 20mg of that which 
> took me 2 whole months. I really do not want to do it again by myself (it made 
> me sick). Is there anyone know any commercial company that could do this for me 
> (and better with good price)? Thanks. Wilson (wzhou0 at

We've used a company called Lofstrand Laboratories for commercial
plasmid preps (telephone: 800-541-0362 -- no affiliation, etc.) and have
been very happy with the quality.  Now 50 mg is a fair amount, so I
don't know how much it would cost (whatever do you need that much
plasmid for anyway?). In any case, they're probably at least worth a
call. Cheers.
--Dom Spinella

Aside to Hiranya:  In my hands a good plasmid prep gives 1-5 mg/liter of
saturated bugs for real high copy number plasmids like pUC.  So 50 mg
would require at least 10 liters (and maybe a lot more depending on the
plasmid) of culture.  It certainly wouldn't take us months to process it
all, but I don't think I could pull it off in half a day!  And you have
to admit that after hours of sniffing that much E. coli even us crusty
old vets get a little nauseated. -- D.

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