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Victor Levenson levenson at uic.edu
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chen at bsm.bioc.ucl.ac.uk (Chen Ho An) wrote:

>Jillian Johnston (johnstoj at acs2.acs.ucalgary.ca) wrote:
>: I have been trying unsuccessfully to make a plasmid that will
>: express both GFP as a marker and another gene.  Both genes are
>: driven by identical CMV promoters and terminated with identical
>: SV40 polyA. >
>Try using just one promoter and put the 2 genes in tandem.  See Schoner et
>al Methods in Enzymology 185, 94-103, Ito & Kurosawa, Gene 118, 87-91.

Another way to go is to use a so-called bicistronic vector:
Promoter-MCS-IRES-Marker-PolyA. IRES (internal ribosomal entry site,
usually EMCV) direct translation of the marker, so that all the cells
tat express the marker also express the MCS-inserted gene. There is a
number of such vectors around, so if you need further information just
drop me a note...


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