Bad experience with oligo synthesis from Life Technologies, Inc. (BRL)

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Thu Aug 6 16:08:23 EST 1998


Just want to let everyone here beware that ordering
primers from BRL can take LONG time.  I put in
an e-mail order 7/27 and my order are still pending
at this moment (8/6).  How difficulty it can be to
have them pick up the phone and call my
departmental secretary for the Visa Card number?
They never bothered to e-mail and inform me that
my order has not been processed.  I wasted 250 uci
32p because of them.  They used to be good years
ago (fill an oligo order in 2 or 3 days).  Now it
takes about 1 week to make a few oligos.

Anyone can point me a better place for oligo

Thank You very much!

Jinling Xie
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharm., Inc.

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