DH5alphas are growing slowly.

Darren Boehning boehnin1 at jeflin.tju.edu
Thu Aug 6 11:45:46 EST 1998

I have noted the same problem lately in my own cloning projects, but with
high copy number/very common vectors (i.e. pcDNA3.1).  I just happened to
leave the plates an extra 24hours and found the same surprise.  I screened
all of the "48hr" colonies, and not one of them was positive.  I have
since finished several of my projects, and they were all successfully
completed from "24hr" colonies.  I have also noted that there are large
variations in colony size after 24hours.  Has anyone noted whether colony
size has anything to do with obtaining a positive clone? (I am personally
biased towards larger ones!).  

Darren Boehning
Dept. Pathology and Cell Biology
Thomas Jefferson University

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