beta-gal and CAT stability

Carsten Hohoff hohoff at
Thu Aug 6 09:46:59 EST 1998

Having peformed reporter gene assays using CAT under control of different
promoter contstructs in the murine myogenic cell line C2C12 and
beta-galactosidase for correction of transfection efficiency I wonder what
the half-life times of these two enzymes are. I found 50 h for CAT (Thompson
et al., GENE 1991), but did not find any article in MEDLINE for beta-gal
stability in eukaryontic cell lines. Even the vendors of my vectors (PROMEGA)
and ELISA kits (Boehringer Mannheim) could not give me the needed value.
Does anyone know from the literature or from own experiences beta-gal
stability ? 

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Carsten Hohoff

Carsten Hohoff
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