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>Leon Schurgers (l.schurgers at wrote:
>: Hello,
>: I have a protein which only dissolves in 8 M urea or very high or low
>: pH. Does anyone know how to measure the protein concentration in one of
>: these solutions?
>There is a kit from Genotech called the "Dotmetric" system.  It uses
>1 microlitre of solution and is not sensitive to urea, SDS or pH.  We've
>had some good success with it.
As an alternative, the micro BCA system from Pierce can operate under these
conditions (the assay buffer itself is around pH 11.2).  The listing in the
Peirce catalogue gives you the 'preferred assay conditions' and list of

No affliation with pierce, just an 'End-user' (or dare I use the word
'customer') ;-) 
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