Bad experience with oligo synthesis from Life Technologies, Inc. (BRL)

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Fri Aug 7 12:42:22 EST 1998

Dear Bob:
On Fri, 07 Aug 1998 09:49:00 -0700, Robert Clark <raclark at>

>Michael T. MacDonell wrote:

>Gee whiz, Michael, who do you work for?  Sounds as though doing business
>with your company is an unpleasant experience.

Not in the least. We are a scientist-owned and operated company. No
suits. We have a customer base of approximately 5,500 customers in 31
countries, and we turn away business.  What this means to customer
relations is that we do not waste time fooling around with incomplete
or idiotic orders when we could be doing work for folks who have their
act together.  That's not only good business, it is just plain

>Your point is well taken, but consider what you said:  there are a lot
>of oligo suppliers out there.  As far as I can tell, one supplier's
>product is not much different from another's. 

You are correct on both counts. There ARE a lot of suppliers. Folks
who can't get together a complete order, or can't send it so that it
makes sense, will end up with the suppliers who need the business so
badly they will put up with anything.  That is how a market economy

> GOOD SERVICE is what
>gives a company a mark of distinction, and keeps the customers coming
>back.  A defensive posture from an oligo supplier will not win any
It isn't anything like a defensive posture.  We do not have the time
or resources to painfully extract orders out of people.  Hell, we can
hardly keep up with the good ones.

You are tending to reflect the tired old mentality that the "customer
is alwarys right".  Maybe in the comic strips.  

Simply put, we treat our customers very well, since the only reason
they are our customers in the first place is that they can (1)
recognize what consititutes a complete order, i.e., one that someone
can actually act on without having to call, fax, email, etc. for
missing information, (2) get the sequence right, and (3) actually
communicate what they want. Otherwise they do not stay our customers,
since we very cheerfully provide them with the phone numbers and email
addresses of several other companies who need their business.

Best Regards,
(Chief Scientific Officer)
Ransom Hill Bioscience/Great American Gene Company.

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