Bad experience with oligo synthesis from Life Technologies, Inc. (BRL)

Robert Clark raclark at
Fri Aug 7 11:49:00 EST 1998

Michael T. MacDonell wrote:
>I work for an oligo supplier.  We cancel incomplete orders.  We do not call up
> and try to locate missing information. There is not enough profit in
> it to cover the cost of the phone call.

Gee whiz, Michael, who do you work for?  Sounds as though doing business
with your company is an unpleasant experience.

> I am on LTI's side. You should re-consider your position. If you
> really want the primers, provide ALL the information up front.  I can
> assure you that LTI, and everybody else in the industry, is swamped
> with orders. They do not NEED to call you up and try to get a credit
> card number from you.

Your point is well taken, but consider what you said:  there are a lot
of oligo suppliers out there.  As far as I can tell, one supplier's
product is not much different from another's.  GOOD SERVICE is what
gives a company a mark of distinction, and keeps the customers coming
back.  A defensive posture from an oligo supplier will not win any


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