Protein motifs

Mary P. Remington mremingt at
Sat Aug 8 09:53:25 EST 1998

I am making my first fusion protein.  I am fusing two protein together to
be expressed in pMALc vector.  
Here are my questions:

1.  How stable are proteins in this vector?  Are other expression vectors
better known for stability of inserts?
2.  In fusing the two proteins together (I have only done this on paper so
far) I have introduced two additional amino acids between the two
proteins.  Will this affect the fusion  protein?  Are there any rules of
thumb regarding spacer amino acids between proteins?  
3.  Is there a list available of protease recognition sequences?  I know
the recognition sequence for Factor Xa but, that is the only one I know.
4.  Is there a good book or reference on protein motifs for protease
recognition sites?

Thanks for any assistance.  Mary

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