plamid prep

Antonin Tutter atutter at
Sat Aug 8 03:10:16 EST 1998

>What sort of plasmid? Why did it take you 2 months to prepare something that
>everybody else prepares in half a day? And why did it make you sick? Are you
>sure that you want to be doing this sort of thing?
>        OR, is this a practical joke?
>Dr. Hiranya Sankar Roychowdhury
>Plant Genetic Engineering Lab.
>New Mexico State University
>Las Cruces, NM 88003
>Ph. (505) 646-5785
>hroychow at

You know, how come some people just can't refuse to keep their own rude
comments to themselves?  This person asked a question with innocent
intention and got attacked by your unhelpful comments.  Maybe this person
doesn't want to be doing this sort of thing but is doing it it for other
reasons.  If there is anything that would discourage this person it is a
comment like yours.

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