eye problem with 129 SvJ mice

R. Krishnamurthy krishna at pharma.unizh.ch
Mon Aug 10 09:38:01 EST 1998


I am not sure if this is the right newsgroup to post this article. 

My colony is in the OHB category. The mice have passed the health checks
with flying colors. Since 10 months I have noticed a significant number of
animals with eye problem which starts with inflamation of the eyes and
later it's totally bloody due to scratching. Since the animals didn't show
any infection I wonder if it's due to the gentic makeup of this strain. I
have a feeling that this problem started after I started to backcross my
colony which has predominantly a BalbC background onto a 129 SvJ
background. If someone has noticed such recurrent problem with eyes of 129
SvJ strain of mice please let me know.

A suggestion for a better newsgroup is welcome.

Thanks a lot.


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