Degradation of DNA during EcoRI restriction

Frederik Boernke boernke at
Mon Aug 10 20:26:41 EST 1998

Dear friends,

I received that plasmid from a collegue the other day which came as a
stab culture in DH5a. I prepared the plasmid DNA using my standard 
protocol (alkaline lysis) and made a EcoRI digest. The plasmid is 
supposed to have a unique EcoRI site but all I see on my gel is a smear
from the size of the plasmid down to something like 1 kb. I've never
had problems using Eco (from Amersham) before and the other preparations
I did the same day look normal (Bluescript/XLI-blue). I have no
experience using DH5a but it shouldn't be different, should it?
Any ideas welcome.

See you 


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