sources of agarose affect transformation

Richard J. Dudley rjdudley at YAHOO.COM
Tue Aug 11 13:16:21 EST 1998

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>I used to get very good results using BioRad agarose for
>electrophoresis, Qiagen gel extraction, ligation and transformation. 
>The lab I am in now are using GIBCO/BRL ULTRA PURE agarose for 
>electrophoresis. My transformation assays have been less efficient 
>since I came to this lab.
>I am wondering whether others have similar experience with GIBCO's 
>Alex Chang
>University of British Columbia
>achang at

GIBCO has worked wll for me in the past, but different batches and
grades of agarose do affect transformation (as well as ligation and
PCR).  I think FMC ( has a primer about agarose
and contaminants.

Are you sure that it is your tranformation, and not the ligation part,
that is less efficient in your new lab?  Also, are you using the
Qiagen kit in your new lab?

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