polypropylene and cell adhesion-try immunobeads instead

alex dobrovic adobrovi at medicine.adelaide.edu.au
Tue Aug 11 19:30:38 EST 1998


Immunobead RT-PCR: a sensitive method for detection of circulating tumor
       Biotechniques. 1997 Jan; 22(1): 100-105.

>Greetings.  I have an idea, and I need advice.  I would like to do
>RT-PCR reactions on a specific cell type than is found in low frequency
>in a larger cell population.  We frequently isolate these cells by a
>technique termed 'immunopanning' where we coat polystyrene with an
>antibody directed against the cell type we want.  Passing a mixture of
>cells over the plate, only the desired cells adhere.  For the RT-PCR,
>our tubes are polypropylene.  I do not know whether cells or antibody
>protein would adhere to this surface.  Has anyone had any experience
>with this?  Would coating with silane or something similar help?  Thanks
>for any replies.  Please email me at twiemelt at wista.wistar.upenn.edu
>Tony Wiemelt
>The Wistar Institute
>Philadelphia, PA

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