HELP!! transformation problems

Frank O. Fackelmayer fof1 at
Wed Aug 12 15:09:10 EST 1998

Keith Rand wrote:
> But Chung et al claim that they can freeze the competent cells with little
> or no loss of efficiency. 

I read that, yes. Fact is is doesn´t work in my hands. Never.

> With the Inoue protocol, the efficiency
> increases after freezing. Many labs use frozen competent cells, and highly
> competent frozen cells are available commercially. Were you just unlucky
> on one occasion, or can you never successfully store your cells? 

It never works with TSS. 

> If you
> could identify the reason for the loss of competency it might be very
> useful for others. Has anyone else found that they can't make batches of
> good, frozen competent cells?

No, no. I´m not saying I can´t make batches of frozen competent cells. What I
am saying is that TSS is not the method to do it. 

> --
> Keith Rand,  Sydney Australia

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