"Protein dip stick/gel-stop"

C. Garen craig_garen at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Aug 12 13:01:15 EST 1998


    There must be some kind of market for the products you and your
friend are developing otherwise you (and whatever investors you have
behind you) wouldn't have put up the $$$$$ or time to develop such
things.   Is the seriouly the first time you have considered your
market?  One would have thought it would have been well defined before
any kind of investment.  I don't know whether this was supposed to be an
announcement for you/your company, but why not just say so?  There are
many regulars on this page, and many are clearly in private industry,
but really very few are as obviously self-promotional as your postings.

    Frankly, I don't object entirely to your posting.  If I were in the
market for a protein dip stick, I'd be tremendously excited.  Generally
speaking howver, it is the interplay on scientific ideas and problems,
and a sort of community troubleshooting that attracts me, not whether or
not a company's product may or may not have a market.  I guess I'm
wondering if this is the best forum for the unveiling of these
products.  Yeah, a lot of potential customers are here for you , but
truly we are here as colleagues, not customers.

Best of luck


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