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>> We are looking for an 'Ether alternative' for rat anesthesia, due to
>> impending Animal ethics bans.
>> We would like it to be fast acting (less than  3mins) and will keep the
>> rat sedated for at least 5-10 mins. (preferably not longer than 20 mins)
>> We have trialed Halothane but find the rats recover too rapidly and if
>> the dose is increased they do not recover. (We do not use a nebulizer).
>> Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
>You could try metofane (methoxyflurane: 2,2-dichloro-1,1-difluoroethyl
>methyl ether), unless this modified ether violates the "ether ban." (By
>the way, what is this ether ban based on?).
>Perhaps you could work out a dose of pentobarbital (given i.v.) that
>would knock them out for 5 or 10 minutes. I'd suggest starting with 35
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I had bad experience with pentobarbital. It is very easy to overdose
if you want to anaesthetise your animal well. Yoy get often apnoe and
I guess some kind of lung oedema. I was using ketamine and xylazine
mixture with good results (don't remember doses) for adrenalectomy
after messing with pentobarbital. It was working well and the
anaesthesia was lasting for 20 min.

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