Oligo stability in water at -20 C----pH of water

Jorg Kirberg Kirberg at nki.nl
Thu Aug 13 04:19:02 EST 1998

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> > It doesn't matter what comes out of the MilliQ-the CO2 dissolves in the
> > water subsequently and there is nothing you can do about it- you have a
> > very weak solution of carbonic acid- but its buffering capacity is
> > negligible.
> I am not disputing the fact that over time CO2 will dissolve in water but
> I do question the time that this will occur.
> [snip] If I cared greatly about
> the quality of the water I would never use it for critical purposes after
> it has sat more than 12 hours. 

But this thread started on oligo storage for years - so I doubt using
them for 12 hours would be a valid alternative. This is apart from the fact
that we didn't get very far on how stable DNA is in slightly acidic water ...

Take care, jorg

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