Ian Roberts ir210 at
Fri Aug 14 08:51:38 EST 1998


I too am interested in undertaking PCR on archival paraffin sections.  I
followed the extraction procedure of Isola et al, as mentioned by your other
correspondent, but was less successful.  Did you get any additional
pointers?  I would dearly like some help!

best wishes,

Ian Roberts
In article <35CA2B2B.A03E4ABF at>, bio-a079 at POST6.TELE.DK
(Marianne Schwartz) wrote:

>I am in the need for a reliable method to do PCR on a
>formalinfixed-paraffin embedde liver sample. Can anybody help me with
>this. PCR product app. 150 bp.
>Marianne Schwartz, Rigshospitalet Copenhagen Denmark

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