ALF 'Blue' sequencing

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Fri Aug 14 04:50:32 EST 1998


On Thursday August 13 1998, Dr. Duncan Clark wrote:

 DDC> Is the laser conversion worth it i.e. does the updated ALF
 DDC> perform similar to the ALF Express in terms of read etc?

Th eproblem is that we never were in a position to compare the ALF with the
ALFred (updated ALF) and ALFexpress because at the same time we bought /
received the ALFexpress our ALF was updated.

My *feeling* is that the ALFred reads something like 100 bp's longer than the
old ALF but's that's just mho. The best we have done on the ALFred is 780 bp's
and that's without trying special longread gels or such things.

And my personal experience is worthless in this respect. I only sequence PCR
products that are never longer that 650 bp and often i can read 550 of them so
i'm satisfied.

regards, Jan Hoolwerf

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